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Anime Model


getMalId() : int

Description: MyAnimeList ID

getUrl() : string

Description: MyAnimeList URL

getImageUrl() : string

Description: Image URL

getPreviewVideoUrl() : string

Description: Preview/Promo video embed URL

getTitle() : string

Description: Official title

getTitleEnglish() : ?string

Description: English title

getTitleJapanese() : ?string

Description: Kanji title

getTitleSynonyms() : string[]

Description: Other titles

getType() : string

Description: Item type, e.g TV, Movie, OVA, etc

getSource() : string

Description: Adaption source, e.g Manga, Novel, etc

getEpisodes() : ?int

Description: Episode count, null if unknown

getImageUrl() : string

Description: Other titles

getStatus() : string

Description: Item status, e.g Currently Airing, Finished Airing, etc

isAiring() : bool

getAired() : DateRange

Description: Returns 2\Jikan\Model\DateRange

getDuration() : string

Description: Episode duration

getRating() : string

Description: Item rating, e.g PG, R17, etc

getScore() : float

Description: Item score

getScoredBy() : int

Description: Number of users item scored by

getRank() : int

Description: Item rank on MyAnimeList

getPopularity() : int

Description: Item popularity on MyAnimeList

getMembers() : int

Description: Item members on MyAnimeList

getFavorites() : int

Description: Item favorites on MyAnimeList

getSynopsis() : string

getBackground() : string

Description: Background information

getPremiered() : string

Description: Season & year

getBroadcast() : string

Description: Day & Time item broadcasted on

getRelated() : array

Description: Related items as 1\Jikan\Model\MalUrl in associative arrays with the keys as their respective relation

getProducers() : MalUrl[]

Description: Producers as 1\Jikan\Model\MalUrl

getLicensors() : MalUrl[]

Description: Licensors as 1\Jikan\Model\MalUrl

getStudios() : MalUrl[]

Description: Studios as 1\Jikan\Model\MalUrl

getGenres() : MalUrl[]

Description: Genres as 1\Jikan\Model\MalUrl

getProducers() : array

Description: Producers as 1\Jikan\Model\MalUrl

getOpeningTheme() : string[]

getEndingTheme() : string[]