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Getting Started


So there's 2 ways to use Jikan and every usage page will include examples of both methods.


This is how you used Jikan in v1 except it has one major difference. "Extended requests" are now separate requests.

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';
use Jikan\Jikan;

$jikan = new Jikan;


This is for advanced PHP developers and how Jikan is to be used. Furthermore it follows PSR2 standards. The Legacy method is a wrapper for MalClient.

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';
use Jikan\MyAnimeList\MalClient;

$jikan = new MalClient;


v2 has type hints, code documentation and follows PSR2 standards strictly. This enables autocompletion in many IDEs.

Migration Notes

Jikan v2's usage is completely different from v1.

  • All methods in MalClient require their respective Jikan\Request object which hold request information.
  • Responses are returned as PHP objects, no longer as arrays
  • Extended Requests no longer exist. They're now as seperate requests.
  • All object properties are private and must be accessed via getters
  • Date/Timestamps are now returned as [^1]\DateTimeImmutable objects and are always in Universal Time Coordinated (UTC)
  • Date ranges are returned as 1\Jikan\Model\Common\DateRange
  • Common URLs are parsed as 2\Jikan\Model\Common\MalUrl